Renee Beese Speaker Author
adolescents ~ struggling adults
Renee Beese
& professionals

A master of human introspection Renee Beese offers extraordinary and non traditional solutions for every day conflicts and stresses with ourselves and others.

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Create the dream you imagine through :

  • Speaker & Workshops - multidimensional and interactive workshops for small and large groups. Invite Renee as a compliment to your event, treatment facility or book her for a day or weekend full of events.
  • Renee's Personal Story of in power secrets and choice from the darkness
  • The Walking Ego - calm the inner critic, ease the responses you get from from others including husbands and kids
  • Feelings Suck! - 4 words that change the way feelings feel and your attention to others emotions
  • 25 Choice Points - wake up to the blind choices we make and the power we give away
  • Post IT - understand why your dream is not here yet
  • Private Sessions - see clearly the hidden power that shifts pain into peace, confusion into clarity and exhaustion into productivity. Life altering solutions that work, last and transform easily.
  • Gramma Be Story Time - reading from her huge book followed by activities that make these values stick.


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